Cycling Lessons

It’s never too late to learn how to ride a bicycle! You can book as many lessons as you need to learn at your own pace and build your skills and confidence.

Most students can ride after the first 2 hour lesson – it’s easier to learn than you think in a controlled environment using the right teaching approach.

The first lesson is on a flat tennis court away from traffic, which makes it easy and a lot less stressful to learn. Learning is also staged in that we take the pedals off the bicycle and students learn to balance before learning to pedal.


Lessons are 2 hours long and cost R270 per lesson*. We charge an additional R60 for bicycle rental if you do not have your own bicycle. (You’re welcome to bring your own bike.).

Contact us to book!

*We are aware that not everyone in South Africa can necessarily afford the full cost of the lesson, but are excited to teach people to ride. So please let us know if the cost of the lessons is an issue.

Absolute Beginners

We will teach you the basics of balance, steering, pedalling and braking in a safe off-street spot. Each lesson is one hour long.

Confidence Building

Once you have the basics in place, we’ll take you out on quiet suburban streets to get used to riding on the road.

Commuting Skills

If you know how to ride a bike but feel nervous commuting in traffic, we can teach you the basics of road safety and even help you work out the best route for your most common destinations.

Bike Maintenance Skills

Want to be able to fix your own puncture or change the tube, or adjust basic settings on your bike? We can show you how.