Cycling Lesson – Testimonials

Nozuko Nkumanda – March 2018
I wasn’t lucky enough to get a bicycle as a child. The first time I got close was riding a friend’s bike  (with training wheels) at about 6 years old. Then that was it. Fast forward 25 years and I have had people look at me like I have a third eye when I tell them I can’t ride a bicycle. So I decided I wanted to do something about, and searched and searched and searched… And eventually found David ‘thebicycle’.
Very happy I did. From the first few minutes David and Mpho made me feel at ease. Reassured me it’s about the basics. They made me feel confident and that I’m not a loser for being so old and not being able to ride a bike. By the second lesson I was on the road!!
Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! This has been a dream of mine and legit something I thought it was too late to learn.
Marry-Jane Letsoalo November 2017

I joined the school at the very novice level. I was terrified of bikes, could not sit on one without losing my balance, let alone ride it even for a short distance. But I wanted to learn, to add an item to my hobby list, and mostly to prove to myself that I could also do it (because it all seemed impossible). I have heard of Dave and Mpho and how much of a patient, passionate duo they are in teaching people the biking skill. And this I proved to be true.

Based on my research when I was still searching for a school, this was the only one I could find in Gauteng, something which confirms just how specialized and patient they are. I am grateful for the imparted knowledge and for helping me rebuild my confidence.

Thanks to the duo for what they have helped me achieve. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s liberating. God bless.


Katlego Disemelo (29) – 12 May 2017

I had never ridden on a bike before my first lesson with Dave. Although I was a bit embarrassed at first, he reassured me that riding is simpler than I thought. It took only four lessons to get me on the road, and feeling confident about my riding skills. Dave was very patient and clear in his lessons, allowing me the time and space to develop from one phase to the next: from slowly gaining balance to riding alone on the road with no assistance. He also set very helpful tasks to help me learn how to focus on being careful of my surroundings. I also had the chance to learn alongside other adults, who were either complete novices or those who had moderate experience, but I went along at my own pace. More than anything, it was a fun experience. And now I come up with any excuse to ride around.


Lila – 1 June 2017

We learnt a lot from you and Mpho and we will forever be grateful. Just to let you know that we are doing REALLY well. Jayden is cycling nicely and loving the experience. I recently went back to the gym and working on strengthening my legs. When we can, we  drive out to a nice cycling trail close to Lanseria airport and ride. I am definitely getting better.


Refilwe – March 2017